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Communities around Georgetown continue to evacuate flooded areas

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Numerous communities around Georgetown County are displaced with flooding still on the rise.

No mandatory evacuations are in place, but several places are being asked to leave.

In an afternoon press conference, Georgetown County leaders said things were not over, but resources are in place moving forward.

Over the past few days, more than 300 people have been rescued, and many others had to take matters into their own hands.  

On the North Side of the Black River, one community doesn’t even have a choice when it comes to evacuation.

“You never think this could happen to you,” said Bryant Leday, as he showed us his home in Chopee. “That house over there with that green shop, that’s my house right there.”

Bryant Leday has lived in that home in Chopee for more than seven years.

He got married there, raised his kid there, and now has to find a new home for the time being.

“If it weren’t for that little boat over there, I’d have to tote it,” He said. “Tote my wife, my kid, everything out of there.”

Leday says what makes this situation even tougher for his community is some people are now preying on their misfortune.

“People were coming up here with boats and spotlights shining,” said Leday. “That’s an eerie feeling when you lose everything you’ve got and then you have people coming in here trying to take what’s left.”

Leday says at this point though, worrying would be a waste of time. Instead, he hopes folks will join together and get through this as a community.

“You’ve got to keep living,” He said. “It’s not about how hard you get knocked down, it’s about how you get up after you get knocked down.”

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