Bugs found in Chinese restaurant in Myrtle Beach

Bugs found in Chinese restaurant in Myrtle Beach

(WMBF) - It was all B's and A's from health inspectors this week on Restaurant Scorecard, however, the range from lowest to highest grade is significant.

New Ho Wah restaurant in Myrtle Beach received an 84 from health inspectors. Things that Department of Health and Environmental Control officials found were a presence of bugs throughout the restaurant as well as a dirty cloth used under cutting board

The restaurant Original Benjamin's in Myrtle Beach wasn't far behind with their score. They received an 85, and were marked off for not having a consumer advisory for undercooked meat. However, they did get a perfect 100 score on their follow-up inspection.

The Carolina Roadhouse in Myrtle Beach had a score of 88 - health inspectors found that the restaurant was improperly cooling their foods. They also found a chemical container without label

The two highest-scoring places to eat this week were Texas Roadhouse in Garden City with a 97 and Bombay at the Beach in Myrtle Beach with an almost-perfect score of 99.

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