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Rivers rise, but no mandatory evacuations in Georgetown County

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - With flooding still getting worse around the state, leaders are asking several counties to be very safe and vigilant moving forward.

 Those statements caused some confusion Thursday over evacuations, especially for Georgetown County.

Near the Black River in Georgetown County, the flood waters aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

“It’s rising, I mean, where it wasn’t last night, it’s beyond that point,” said Teresa Reed, who evacuated her home earlier in the day.

Some roads are now shut down, leaving entire communities cut off.

“Those are some of my family members standing right there on that road,” she said while pointing across a pool of water.

Teresa Reed lives off the now closed down Highway 51. The road is underwater, and so is her home.

“I had someone drive me out, and that water was already high,” Reed said. “I mean, you could see it right at my window of my van.”

The county says that choice of evacuation right now is exactly that.

National Guard troops are going door to door in priority areas, but nothing is mandatory.

“What we’re asking our residents to do, if you live in those areas, is to be very vigilant, know what’s around you, and be prepared to evacuate if the situation warrants,” said Georgetown County EMD Director Sam Hodge.

County leaders say if an evacuation were to happen, the call would be made locally, and with the best intentions in mind.

“Our mission is to protect and preserve the lives of Georgetown County citizens and visitors, as well as to minimize property damages that goes on,” explained County Administrator Sel Hemingway.

For Teresa Reed and other locals, those damages are still to be determined.

They say it’s not important right now though, because their community has other priorities.

“Right now, for me personally, it’s fine, because I have my family,” said Reed. “For my other family, I’m worries about them, because they’re not able to get over here now.”

If you do choose to evacuate, there are several shelters around the city and county.

If you can’t get there yourself, the county can arrange a ride.

An emergency shelter has opened at Pleasant Hill Elementary School, 127 Schoolhouse Drive, Georgetown.

Shelters remain open at Beck Recreation Center, 2030 Church Street in Georgetown, and the Andrews Recreation Center, 209 South Maple Street in Andrews.

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