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Johnsonville community still under water

Flooded Florence County residents await FEMA funding

Johnsonville neighborhood Johnsonville neighborhood
Johnsonville neighborhood Johnsonville neighborhood

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The lower part of Florence County is still hit hard with flooded waters. Residents in Johnsonville are completely out of their homes and relying on disaster help from FEMA and other agencies around.

First Neck Road is the start of covered water that goes for miles down. Lynches River flooded the entire neighborhood and residents are still hurting from the flood damage.

Residents say that today is the best they have seen it in days, because they can finally see the tops of their mailboxes.

Paul Miles, who has lived in Johnsonville for 35 years says he has never seen flood waters like this. He is finally able to drive his truck to check on his home and get some of his belongings out, but unfortunately, not everything yet. “My horse is stuck, my cat is stuck, we have people that have all kinds of livestock and animals that are stuck that we couldn’t get out. Water come up in a matter of hours instead of days like it used to, you know, all the other times it has flooded down here,” said Miles.

Troops from the National Guard have been out 24/7 since Wednesday afternoon to help watch over the area and make sure only the residents who live there are coming in and out. Cornerstone Baptist Church was also passing out food and water, and visiting with the residents to let them know they are there for help.

Residents also say they are glad the governor took notice of the disaster that struck their area, because they are in need of any assistance they can get. “She did get us the help that we’re gonna need to try to start over and rebuild what we had and try to make a life back again, cause right now it’s all gone,” said Miles.

The Florence County Emergency Management are telling residents to register with FEMA online for assistance and they are hoping to open a recovery center in a couple days to give residents easy access to sign up with other state and federal agencies that are out there to help.

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