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Road conditions, damages assessed in Horry County

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County leaders said they sent out their damage assessment teams on Wednesday. The road repairs will cost just shy of $1 million.

According to the PowerPoint presented at the county council meeting last night, the bridge on wise road and the unpaved road repair taking the bulk of that of the $1 million total. Some other hard hit roads like Copenhagen Drive in Little River will need, what they call, a box culvert redesign costing around $150,000. Clay Ridge drive repairs will cost $100,000. Other roads mentioned in the presentation like Landmark, Marsden Road, Kayla Circle, Oak Grove, and West Nixon Circle will cost under $100,000 each.

County leaders said they have gotten help from FEMA, and have been able to stabilize majority of the roads.

“Definitely, we’re moving pretty good with our road repair work,” said Lisa Bourcier, Horry County Public Information Officer. “We’ve got a few more issues left in the county, and we’ll be done pretty soon. We don’t see an issue as far as the county maintained roads.”

They had a couple of roads that were undermined. Bourcier said most of the dirt road system came through pretty good, but according to the preliminary numbers released last night these roads will take the bulk of the money. She did say however, they sent some motor graders out and made sure everything was OK on those roads.

“We haven’t had any big major washout issues on our road systems, like we’ve seen across the state,” said Bourcier.

The county has been able to stabilize those, but needs to go back and do some more repair work on those. She said that the county also knows that the storm water system needs some repair work, which will take a little longer to do than the word maintenance. But she said the road work should be done before the next tourist season.

Bourcier said this is just the preliminary damage caused by the floods. She said as more damage assessments are calculated, the county will give us that information.

Shannon Welsh, the Resident Maintenance Engineer for Horry County, said luckily SCDOT has not found any roadways that have been washed out. He said their biggest issue has been shoulder washouts and storm drain repairs on the state roads, they have seen a few cases of roads undermining as well.

Welsh said that SCDOT has been working hard the last two days to repair some of the major work on primary roads, but they have a long way to go. He said that he’s been on HWY 905, which was closed off due to the flooding, but he said they hope to have that back open this morning.

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