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Governor Haley to Horry County: "It's not over yet"

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - With water levels still on the rise, state and county leaders are urging some homeowners to have a plan, and maybe even evacuate.

Governor Haley discussed this, along with many other flooding issues in Conway earlier Wednesday. In her brief stop in Horry County, Governor Nikki Haley warned everyone that today’s sunshine is not the light at the end of the tunnel.

“When we flew over it, I just see it coming,” said Haley as she described her helicopter tour of the flooding. “You just see the water rising, and it’s moving in that direction, so we just want everyone to be prepared that there is another wave of water coming.”

Haley and other local leaders warned homeowners this is not an ordinary flooding situation.

“It’s a serious situation, but a livable situation,” said Horry County Council Chair Mark Lazarus. “We’ll make it through as the Governor said.”

Haley says agencies like SLED, DNR, and Swift Water Rescue are all ready for what’s next.

What’s important is that homeowners are too.

The governor reminded folks that many places are in a voluntary evacuation area. She says now may be the time to consider leaving.

Emy Chamberlain is doing quite the opposite. She plans to stay in her flooded home off Waccamaw Drive, and is using those closest to her to get through it.

“I understand where she’s coming from, but it’s home and I want to be here,” Chamberlain said.

“There’s been the fire department, National Guard, whatever else, police officers,” said Chamberlain. “A lot of us are just using our neighbors.”

She says the week has been hectic and devastating, but being home is too important. It’s an attitude Governor Haley has seen a lot over the past few days.

“I think when you push South Carolina, South Carolina pushes back, and that’s exactly what we saw happen. Having said that, it’s not over yet,” Haley said.

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