Local leaders make safety efforts as Waccamaw River rises

Local leaders make safety efforts as Waccamaw River rises

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - It may be slowly drying out for some, but state and local officials are not letting their guard down and neither should you.

The Waccamaw River is well beyond dangerous flood stages as it swells over and encircles homes in Conway. Many residents have been forced to evacuate, while some decide to stay in their riverfront homes.

Randy Webster with the Horry County Emergency Management says that EM crews are not doing tours along the river just yet. They are relying on DNR officers on boats along the river to check on homeowners and also the condition of the river then report back. They're also relying on reports from Conway and Horry County police officers on where to focus manpower.

Horry County Fire Rescue returned to normal operation as of Wednesday afternoon. But, as always, if anyone needs help to evacuate or is in an emergency, call 911 for help and someone will respond.

Conway Police Lt. Selena Small says police crews are working around the clock to keep everyone and everything safe. They are monitoring water levels and keeping tabs on your homes. Police are marking on the street the water level each night at 11:00 p.m. This helps the officers know where to focus resources, move barricades, or check on residents.

Conway police officers along with members of the National Guard and Horry County police officers are stationed at each city barricade. They are checking ID's to make sure anyone going in and out of these more residential areas are supposed to be there. Lt. Small says this is in an effort to prohibit suspicious activity and looting.

Lt. Small says the department and the city is very thankful for all the outside help and support in order to keep Conway residents and businesses safe during the flood.

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