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Highway 52 re-opens after flooding shuts it down

Highway 52 on Tuesday Highway 52 on Tuesday

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - On Tuesday, A portion of the most-traveled road in Florence County was shut down due to flooding.

Along with that closure, hundreds of people were left homeless after flood waters surged the area.

“There was no use in wasting time because when I stepped down in the yard it was a foot deep already,” Calvin Law, who lives on South Hill Road said.

Law’s house was surrounded by water after the Lynches River and nearby swamps poured out from their banks.

Law said he evacuated Sunday after noticing more rain fall and hearing an unfamiliar noise coming from across the street.

“I see the water rushing from across the road and I said I believe we need to leave and get out of here now,” Law said.

Law’s road isn’t the only road that was overtaken by water.

Highway 52 in Florence County was also closed for a little over a day.

Florence County Emergency Management closed the road overnight on Tuesday, after the Lynches River began claiming it as its own.

When our crews arrived, nature was already re-populating the quiet area. Deer and other woodland critters were swimming in the small lake that formed along the road.

Just south, on the other side of the barricaded highway, emergency crews spent the day removing people from homes that are positioned within the barricaded area.

“Regular vehicles can’t get into these areas, that’s why we are using some of our specialty vehicles...Humvees… those types of things because they are the only types of vehicles that can get back into these areas and get these people to safety,” Major, Michael Nunn with the Florence County Sheriff’s Office said.

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