Some Lee's Landing residents evacuating before the river rises, others choosing to stay

Some Lee's Landing residents evacuating before the river rises, others choosing to stay

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - As of Tuesday, evacuation isn't mandatory for those living along the Waccamaw River.  First responders are assisting those who ask. DNR is taking note of who is choosing to stay, how many people are in each home and if they have a way out IF conditions get worse and the National Guard is directing traffic.

"They are in the Waccamaw River.... at this point," Tammy Baker said.

"There's a lot of people that's in need to get evacuated. People are getting their boats to go get the people,  their animals... especially the dogs," Cindy Grimler said.

The water that is taking over the road is allowing people to row their boats right up to their driveways.

Tammy and Wayne Baker have lived near Lee's Landing for more than 35 years, and have seen this flooding before and say many of those leaving now, are the ones who know it's about it get worse.

"They are closer to the water, so they leave before it gets too close, but everyone stays as long as they can," Wayne Baker said.

Cindy Grimler, like many others, was at the landing to pick up a friend.

"The water's almost six foot to her house, so she's trying to get her daughter, and other things out," Grimler said.

Others don't plan on leaving. Instead they will choose to wait it out.

"Well those who have generators just keep going until the water gets too high and other than that they take out what they can and just hope it doesn't come in," Wayne Baker explained.

For the Bakers, it all depends.

"So, us that are fortunate enough to be on drier ground can stay a little while longer, but we will be watching closely," Tammy Baker said.

Neighbors say at times like these, many families are cherishing what they have, because when it comes to water no one knows what will happen.

"Water is just like anything else, it can come and go. But the river is going to crest, it's going to get higher, so better safe than sorry," Grimler said.

Many of the families worry the power will be cut off next. Horry County Fire Rescue says the worst of the flooding is expected Thursday and Friday.

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