Flood waters on Palmetto Pointe Blvd. raises safety concern for residents

Flood waters on Palmetto Pointe Blvd. raises safety concern for residents

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The flood waters are now gone and traffic is back to normal on Palmetto Pointe Boulevard, but the concern of the residents that live in the area still lingers.

Those that live in subdivisions, townhomes and apartments along the road, found out the hard way that they could not leave or return to their homes because flood waters engulfed the road. Several cars trying to pass through the area Sunday were stalled on the road.

Horry County Police had the road blocked for hours as a precaution, drivers could not pass. Those that wanted to use another route, driving through another subdivision to gain access to Highway 17, could not because the roads were too overcome by flood waters.

"Unless you had something that rode very high out of the water, you weren't able to get out here," said Doug Hart a resident in the area.

Residents say they need another way to get out of the area, for safety concerns. Curtis Harrelson, another resident in the area, says he has lived in the subdivision for 8 years and is very concerned.

"That's it, one way in and one way out and they need to do something about it bad," said Harrleson.

Harrelson said people were really left in a bad and scary situation. "My brother lives right across the street from me and he couldn't even go to his doctor's appointment, my daughter had one and she just called in and said she can't get out.

Doug Hart has lived in his subdivision for 10 years, he says after seeing the flood waters on Palmetto Pointe he wonders what would happen if there was a hurricane or a mandatory evacuation.

"I have thought about it after we got blocked in and couldn't get out, for example in the aftermath of a hurricane and we had to evacuate if there is water out there on that road and you can't get out that way, you are not going to get out," explained Hart.

The Horry County Ride III committee does have Palmetto Pointe on the list of recommended projects to complete.

Hart said, "I think initially it was to extend Palmetto Pointe to 544 where Sayebrook is."

The project would call for the road to be extended .07 miles to the intersection of Highway 544 and Big Block Road.

The Horry County spokesperson said the project has not officially been approved and at earliest, a referendum could come in November for funding for the project.

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