Florence Road Conditions

Florence Road Conditions
Willow Creek flooded Francis Marion Road
Willow Creek flooded Francis Marion Road

Florence County, SC (WMBF)- More rainfall hit Florence County early this morning causing more rainfall on already flooded areas. Road closures and wash outs have become an issue stretched across the county, which is one reason why they have put into effect a mandatory curfew starting at 7pm tonight until sunrise Tuesday morning.

Water from a standing still swamp has taken out part of Whippoorwill road causing it to completely collapse. This wasn't the only road across Florence County that has been effected by the rainfall.

Waters have completely covered roads all around the county stretching from Alligator road to Friendsfield road. Highway Patrol tells me when they get a call about an unsafe road they send a trooper and crews from DOT out right away to close it off. They strongly push for people to not drive through deep water and especially the barricades.

Willow Creek has washed out parts of Francis Marion road, and one resident tells me last night the water from the creek was quickly rising to his house.

Jesse Moore, says, "I've lived here all my life and I've seen it cross this road several times, but never this quick and never this high. Probably two feet higher than I've ever seen it and it all happened all in about six hours."

Emergency Management stresses the importance of following the curfew and to stay off the flooded roads.  Andrew Golden, the Public Information Officer of Florence Emergency Management says, "At night time you can't see how deep the water is that your driving through so when you're passing through areas and you think its shallow enough for you to get through well you get to the middle of it and that water is much deeper than you expected because its night and its dark outside, which also cause a problem for responders coming to you for going through that same area."

Lynches River flooded through Friendsfield road in Effingham which took off part of the road there.

Golden says, "We have several area roads that are covered in water and impassable. People are getting stuck in some places, so we're having to send crews out to get them out of those areas."

Emergency management are instructing people to please contact the department of transportation right away if they see a road that is washed out or impassable so they can get crews out there to block off the road right away.

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