Cars stall on flooded roads in Palmetto Pointe

Cars stall on flooded roads in Palmetto Pointe

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Cars were stalled up and down Harbour Reef Drive and at least six got stuck, when as many as 20 vehicles not listening to warnings chose to drive around on flooded roads in Palmetto Pointe on Monday.

"We just walked down Great Lakes Drive, all the way down to Salt Water. And it's anywhere from knee to waist deep," Palmetto Pointe resident Joshua Shelley said.

Car parts were actually floating around in what's become almost a river in the road.

The flood waters were completely covering a speed bump; people were flying over it and it was knocking pieces of their cars off and creating a tidal wave of water.

"I noticed two Toyota pickup trucks and a brand new Dodge Caliber fry its electrical system going through it. I pulled them out of the water yesterday," Shelley explained.

Some neighbors who live up and down the streets were outside socializing almost like a block party, as they sat in the yards watching.

They were doing their best to warn cars to stay away.

Some of the neighbors mentioned seeing snakes swim by.

A lot of people were bicycling and walking right through it but emergency officials say that's not the thing to do.  The waters are dangerous and you don't know what's in them.

They urge you to stay indoors and to not attempt to drive on these flooded roads.

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