Residents around Horry County deal with widespread flooding

Residents around Horry County deal with widespread flooding

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - As we continue to monitor new developments with this storm, there's a lot to look at in the hours, days and weeks to come, especially in terms of clean up from these flood waters and assessing the damage left behind.

Conor McCue went to some of the hardest hit areas locally Sunday night, and reported from the Carolina Forest Neighborhood off West Perry Road.

As of Sunday night, the community had seen five to ten inches of rain over the past several days. Now, like many other communities, there's not much more they can do until the rain stops.

As the record rain fell around the Carolinas Sunday, each location had its own challenges.

"It's just been a rough day for a lot of folks," said resident Shane Roach, whose house was flooded. For the families in the Wampee community, the Waccamaw River kept creeping too close for comfort.

"Oh it's been treacherous," said Beverly Clowser. "It's a lot of work to empty a big house in a small amount of time."

The families say flooding this bad rarely happens, but the last time it did was more than 15 years ago. That September storm, was better known as Hurricane Floyd.

"We'll remodel and start all over again like we always do. With a smile on our face," Clowser said.

In other parts of the Grand Strand, it was too late for sandbags or barriers.

In Calabash, folks waded through knee deep water, and near Georgetown, Highway 17 was near unrecognizable. Even in Myrtle Beach, the streets were covered with floodwater.

Just up the highway in Carolina Forest, some homeowners saw a nearby retention pond flood everything. With no other choices, some stocked up and stayed home, but the majority found some way to get out, and find a safer, drier home for the next few days.

Some of the folks we spoke to in this neighborhood say they'll keep coming back to check on their homes over the next few days. They hope the damage isn't as dramatic as the sight.

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