Obeying the signs you see on the roadways

Obeying the signs you see on the roadways

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) - One of the busiest roadways, Highway 501, was shut down on Sunday due to all the flooding before Broadway Street. This was a prime example of why you should stay off the roads.

Earlier on Sunday video was shot in Georgetown where cars were submerged in water. Two were stuck on Highway 17, both of which had to be towed away.

In some locations, people started to ditch their cars and take to foot to find a way home.

At 82nd Parkway there was a group of people frustrated for what they went through.

One man said he came out just to help his friend whose car stalled out in this big flooded area.

After trying to drive through several intersections that looked like ponds, Lewis Kincaid said he's learned from his mistakes and urges we all take his advice and just stay put.

"I drove on the flooded roads. Stay home, don't come out, like for what hurting yourself and a friend? I wouldn't do it. I'm just gonna stay home. That is where I am going to now," Kincaid said.

SCDOT says the average car can be swept away in as a little as 12 inches of moving water and many of our roads are extremely flooded.

The moral of the story is to obey the signs you see on the roads, or just stay home.

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