Florence County night curfew lifted/one shelter closes

Florence County night curfew lifted/one shelter closes

FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. – While flood conditions still exist in some areas of Florence County, the imminent threat to life has subsided. Florence County anticipates no need to continue to impose a night time curfew for the remainder of the flood event, according to Florence County Emergency Department.

According to a news release from Florence County:

More rainfall hit Florence County early Monday morning that caused flooded areas to continue to gather more water. 

Pursuant to the Proclamation Florence County Council issued on Sunday, the Florence County Director of Emergency Management, the Florence County Administrator, and the Sheriff of Florence County herby implemented a countywide mandatory curfew from 7 P.M. on Monday, Oct. 5 until sunrise on Tuesday, Oct. 6 for non-emergency activities. Exceptions to the curfew include essential public safety/medical employees, and essential industry staff until the proclamation is rescinded.

In addition to the curfew, Florence County administrator K.G. "Rusty" Smith has directed the delayed opening of Florence County administrative and non-emergency departments until 10 a.m. Tuesday, October 6.


From Sunday:

The mandatory evacuation of Nena Ln, Split Rail Drive,  E. Black Creek Drive, Stag Horn Lane, Atlee Court, Crooked Creek Drive and Creekside Dr.

Due to the continuing rise of waters along Black Creek, the Florence County Emergency Management was recommending the evacuation of area residents for their own safety. An additional 2"-5" of rainfall are possible over the next 24 hours. Black Creek, as of 1 p.m. Sunday, is at 16.76' which is almost 7' over flood stage and is expected to continue to rise. Florence County has issued an emergency proclamation as of 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

The Florence County Emergency Management stated, "The authorized individuals are directed and given the authority to compel evacuation of all or part of the population from any stricken or threatened area in Florence County if such action is deemed necessary for the preservation of life or other emergency mitigation response or recovery, control ingress and egress to areas of Florence County deemed necessary, to suspend or limit non-emergency activities as they deem necessary; and further, to authorize the Director Of Emergency Management, the Florence County Administrator and Sheriff of Florence County to impose a curfew from 7 p.m. until sunrise for non-emergency activities should they deem necessary, until the Proclamation is rescinded. http://www.horrycounty.org/OnlineServices/FEMAFloodMaps.
The FCSO said homes along the following roads will be cut off and surrounded by flood waters with water actually entering many of these homes. The isolation of flood waters prevents emergency services such as fire and ambulance from providing adequate response to these residents if it should become necessary.

Nena Lane, Split Rail Dr, Cyprus Bend Rd, E. Black Creek Dr, Stag Horn Ln, Atlee Ct, Crooked Creek Dr and Creekside Dr

All residents living near these streets are also encouraged to monitor rising water levels to take appropriate actions to protect themselves and their proprieties. Residents who need emergency assistance in evacuating should dial 9-1-1.
The Florence County Emergency Operations Center has moved to OPCON 2 status as the county continues to get pounded by rain early Sunday morning and flooding has become a major issue, according to Florence County Emergency Management.

Florence County is going to receive between 3"-5" of rainfall over the next 24 hours. Within the past 24 hours Florence County has received from 5" to 10.45" of rain.

As of 8:12 p.m., forecast for current county waterways as follows:

Black Creek:                       Currently 16.77'                                Flood Stage 10'                                                Crest  18.5

Lynches River:                    Currently 15.4'                                  Flood Stage 14'                                                Crest  17.8' Oct. 7

Pee Dee River:                  Currently  19.24'                                 Flood Stage 19'                                                Crest  24.4'  Oct.8

Mayor Stephen J. Wukela announced this morning that while the City of Florence has received a substantial amount of rainfall in recent days, the City systems are currently stable and operational. The Mayor announced that city staff has engaged its First Level Emergency Response Plan. This is a cautionary action due to the current weather forecast. The Mayor urged city residents as well as residents in neighboring areas to stay home and not travel. Weather reports predict the potential for heavy bands of rain and wind is possible throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

Residents living near Jeffries Creek should be aware of the potential for flooding as the creek continues to rise. Follow all weather advisories as continued updates are released. As information, residents along Black Creek have been advised to evacuate.

An additional concern of the City is the impact to the City's Sewer Collection System. Much of the sewer collection system is located within low-lying areas and therefore may be impacted by rising flood waters. Therefore some household services could potentially be slow to drain. If you experience a slow operating sewer system, we recommend that certain activities like washing clothes and other household tasks be limited. Similarly for those households using septic systems, the ground water level is likely overloaded which may impact your residential sewer service.

All departments of the city have additional personnel in the field monitoring streets and trouble areas, as well as on standby in the event additional personnel are needed. The City has compiled a list of streets that have been impacted by this rain event and city crews will be dispatched over time. Please help them by staying off the roads and only calling for emergency situations. The non-emergency contact number is (843) 665-3191. For emergencies, please dial 911.

The American Red Cross has opened shelters for residents of Florence County residents who decide to leave there homes due to flooding at the following locations:

Lake City High School and Johnsonville First Baptist Church shelters remain open

Wilson High School, 1411 E. Old Marion Hwy. in Florence-Shelter is now closed

All residents living near these streets are also encouraged to monitor rising water levels to take appropriate actions to protect themselves and their proprieties. Residents who need emergency assistance in evacuating should dial 9-1-1. For all calls that are not emergency related call 843-665-7255.

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