Flooding cripples Sandridge neighborhood; residents prepare for another round

Flooding cripples Sandridge neighborhood; residents prepare for another round

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) – Residents in the Sandridge neighborhood are cleaning up Saturday night and preparing for another round of severe flooding.

On Friday night the drainage ditch overflowed with rain water and flooded the street. The water then encircled homes. One home in particular was pounded with wave after wave of rain water. The front foundation was washed away leaving the home completely exposed. Neighbors said that fire rescue crews evacuated the residents safely.

Other homes in the neighborhood were completely flooded. Furniture and belongings were completely destroyed in Betty Skeen's home. She says everything needs to be replaced. The walls were so saturated with water, they started to buckle near the baseboards.

A few homeowners were spared from any damage from Friday's rain system, but they are fully aware than another system is on its way.

"We're all going to hang in and see what happens. I got a feeling we're going to lose more of this yard," says Tony Andrew pointing to the home with an exposed foundation. "But, you know, good for me it's on this side and not that one near my house."

The Sandridge neighborhood is near the Intracoastal Waterway. One neighbor that stopped by to check on the home with the yard still caving into the creek nearby admits that not many homeowners in this community have flood insurance.

And business owners in the Little River area are also anticipating more damage with the next rain system. The outdoor pool at the Life Quest Fitness center overflowed on Friday. It flooded into the indoor pool and then into the breezeway of the gym. The manager, Billy O'Brien, says he had to pump out at least a foot of water to get everything back to normal.

"Some of the cleaning crew and maintenance staff come out and we were backwashing the pool to try and get the level down to withhold the next coming round of rain," says O'Brien.

The ground by the outdoor pool is so saturated it could not hold any more flood waters. O'Brien says that if they get even a few more inches of rain, his pump house would not be able to handle it and his gym could potentially flood.

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