Businesses try to make weekend enjoyable for visitors despite weather

Businesses try to make weekend enjoyable for visitors despite weather

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The weather has washed out many events on the Grand Strand, but even with cancellations some businesses are still trying to make this enjoyable for those who are still visiting the Grand Strand.

The California Roots Carolina Sessions Music Festival was scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd but according to the music event's website the event scheduled to happen at the Myrtle Beach Pavilion has been postponed until Spring 2016 due to the weather.

Eric McCrickard, Promotions Manager at House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach said, "A lot of people made reservations they had already traveled to town and were going to be disappointed that they weren't going to get to see any of the bands for the show."

The House of Blues got word of the postponed festival on Thursday and immediately reached out to the bands to see if they were interested in doing a performance in Myrtle Beach. McCrickard said the venue was available on Saturday night, some of the performers like, SOJA, J-Boog, and Dustin Thomas were scheduled to perform will now have a concert at the House of Blues.

"It's a great way for everybody who is in town and excited about the festival to get to see a show before waiting for the rescheduled show in 2016," said McCrickard.

Another major event, is the Harley Davidson Fall Bike Rally, organizers said many activities have been moved indoors because of the weather, but they still want bikers and visitors to have a good time regardless of the weather.

Dawn Temples, Marketing Manager for House of Blues, said several Friday night activities are planned for the bikers inside where it is dry.

"We will offer drink specials all night, we'll have prizes for the best tattoos in the house, and just a party indoors," said Temples. "We are not going to let rain stop us we know a lot of folks have traveled to come down here for bike week and we are still going to keep on with our events everything is just moving inside off the deck and into the restaurant."

Vendors also say they are not bothered by the rain. The parking lot of Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach, had tents set up with vendors, selling food, drinks, motorcycle accessories and more.

"We are not going anywhere we are here to stay, we have been watching the weather and we are staying here for the people, said one vendor.

Sheri Gibson, spokesperson for Harley Davidson said the weather is having a slight impact on the business this year.

"We have seen a slower purchasing power as oppose to last year's rally, but they (bikers) are here, they are picking and choosing where they are going," said Gibson.

Despite the weather, many bikers made the trip, but some have canceled or changed their plans. Gibson says the bikers that did come for the rally drove their vehicles and put their bikes on a trailer, so they still have a way to drive around.

Gibson said several rally events have been canceled but many have also been moved indoors.

Tickets for the concert are $20. The show begins at 7:30 p.m.

Because they are considered separate events tickets purchased for the Carolina Sessions Festival can not be used for the concert at House of Blues.

For more information about the Saturday night concert or fall bike rally events happening at House of Blues, click here.

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