FireBall Space Run makes a stop in Florence

FireBall Space Run makes a stop in Florence
FireBall Contestants
FireBall Contestants

FLORENCE COUNTY (WMBF) - Florence is one of the stops on an eight-day 2,000 mile life-sized trivia game called the FireBall Run Space Race. It is an adventure life-sized trivia game where teams from around the world compete and drive 2,000 miles cross country while raising awareness for missing children.

Each team is assigned a missing child from their home of origin and it's their goal to pass out 1,000 missing child flyers along their journey.

Chris McDonald, celebrity and FireBall contestant says, "We're part of Fireball run to find missing children, it's a child recovery department and it is massive, so that's the number one reason. Second reason I love to drive and third reason is it's fun! So we're making a lot of awareness happen." McDonald adds, "We hope to get ours found, and get a few more under our belt, that'd be great."

The contestants raced to McCall Farms where their challenge was to sort through a pound of peanuts separating the good from the bad. Teams scrambled to get the most points, while also keeping in mind why they were there.

The President and Co-Owner of McCall Farms, Marion Swink says this FireBall Run is bringing quite a bit of excitement to the Pee Dee. "The more I found out about what a special event it really, its something that I would think everybody can get behind, and we need to."

Swink continues, "We have got close to a thousand employees here and that represents an awful lot of families and we know the missing children really can hit home to all of  us and everybody here at the company was really glad to hear more about the FireBall Run and we will support it for years to come."

Jackie Siegel is a contestant and team captain. She believes being a part of this campaign will help bring hope for families who have lost a child. "It's the largest group of people in America searching for the missing children, no one else is doing this," she says.

FireBall is in its ninth season and so far the organization says it has helped recover 44 missing children.

Tomorrow is day six and the next stop on their adventure is Liberty County, Georgia where they will compete in another challenge and continue to raise awareness for missing children.

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