WMBF News partners with Lions Foundation to hold free eye screenings

WMBF News partners with Lions Foundation to hold free eye screenings

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Next Tuesday, October 6, is World Sight Day, and WMBF News is partnering with the Lions Foundation to hold a free screening for children and adults to check their eyes.

It's the first of its kind for our area, and a screening could be the crucial difference between saving your eyesight and blindness.

You or someone you love could have a serious blindness-causing condition that could be treated, as long as it's found early enough.

Ginny Angle's vision started to fail and her life changed. If she hadn't gotten a checkup, she never would have known it was cataracts.

"I would have been petrified," Angle said. "I would have thought maybe… you know… I may have thought it was just an aging thing. But then, as it got progressively worse, I may have thought, well, I may have thought "well, wait a minute I may be going blind here".

She wasn't going blind.  The doctor told her she had almost two years before she would start having problems, and eventually, her freedom was restricted by her vision. "Mine just seemed to progress really, really fast, you know," Angle remembered. "And I was getting to the point where I couldn't even drive at night because of the lights."

Her hobbies changed. "I love to read, and that's one thing I had given up. Because it was just difficult, and it was aggravating to read. I've got books, as you can see, and they were just sitting there because I just couldn't read."

She and her family were going through a tough time. "My husband had been diagnosed with two different types of cancer. And so between doctor bills and medications for him, we just didn't have any money left over. We were really pressed for money. "

So the South Carolina Lions Charitable Services stepped in and paid for her surgery, and Angle is grateful it never got worse, "It's very important to get your eyes checked, no matter what age you are."

The South Carolina Lions Charitable Services has a Mobile Health Screen Unit that travels the state and next Tuesday, it will be in Myrtle Beach at the Palace Theater giving free screenings for anyone who comes out.

Join the South Carolina Lions Charitable Services and WMBF News- bring your kids and have a vision check for your entire family. The South Carolina Lions Charitable Services can help you find eye glasses, refer you to a doctor and even help if you end up needing surgery.

You can find more information on the Lions Club website here: http://www.sclions.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7&Itemid=141

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