Artistic Carolina Forest High School senior shoots for the stars

Artistic Carolina Forest High School senior shoots for the stars

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Astrophysics and comics aren't two things you necessarily think go together but a local Carolina Forest High School student made that connection look easy.

17-year-old Angela Verrillo loves drawing comics, mostly for fun, although this senior started taking drawing classes sophomore year.

"I love drawing,” said Verrillo. “That's why I'm in Art and I love making comics!"

But when Angela isn't busy creating anime characters, you'll find her studying up for a career in something many of us can't even spell.

"What I want to go into probably astrophysics or I want to be a chemist or astrochemistry because I love astronomy like to the point where when I was younger, I would just stare at the stars," Verrillo said.

Now this 12th grader is shooting for the stars, studying hours every day to maintain A's and B's. Verrillo takes Algebra 3, physics, art and college level English every Tuesday and Thursday at Horry-Georgetown Technical College.

"I'm learning a lot, like, I really am," Verrillo said.
When Angela graduates from Carolina Forest High School he plans to head to college, then get a doctorate degree and pursue that science career. It's a lofty goal, but this Carolina Forest panther is on the right track, with curiosity that's limitless.
"I love the idea, that the Universe is so big and we are all just on this little planet that could just be a little spec in the sand or maybe this is all there is… Who knows?!" Verrillo said.

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