Group using crowdfunding to preserve Conway Nye's Pharmacy sign

Group using crowdfunding to preserve Conway Nye's Pharmacy sign

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A group is working to preserve a piece of Conway history.

You may know Nye's Pharmacy; it's been around since 1953. The sign that sits up high on the building has been around since the store opened, and now it's old, rusting and fading. It's in need of restoration, and the Conway Cultural Development Corporation is working with the community to try and make it happen.

Nye's has long been known as a place patrons can stop in for much more than their prescriptions

"It has historical significance in Conway, and it has a deep personal meaningfulness to a lot of people who grew up here, particularly in the 60's and 70's," explained Dr. Dennis Stevens, Director of the Conway Cultural Development Corporation.

It sits off busy Highway 501, but if you zoom back in time, you'd find a different layout to Conway. Those of you who grew up in the area in the 60's and 70's probably remember spending a lot of time at Nye's.

"70's it was a big spot for cruising among high school students, and in the 60's it was a place where children were taken to get a chocolate milkshake or an ice cream sundae, or cherry coke," according to Stevens.

Even present day, trips to Nye's still come with ice cream, a cold soda on a hot day, or a burger. Restoring the old sign was first an idea on the "You might be from Conway if..." Facebook page. The response was positive.

"So we launched this crowdfunding strategy as a way to raise funds for the sign project itself," Stevens said.

A company is ready to complete the restoration of the sign, and the CCDC has the permit, and just needs the funds. It's the first in what the group hopes is a long list of improvements and additions that will add character to Conway's culture.

"And broadens it in a way that links to where people find meaning in their lives. Makes a place more livable and vibrant," Stevens said.

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