7-foot bronze Chauncey Chanticleer sculpture to be revealed

7-foot bronze Chauncey Chanticleer sculpture to be revealed

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A brand new sculpture in the heart of Coastal Carolina University's campus, meant to represent school spirit, will be unveiled this week. And when university officials commissioned it to campus staff, it opened the doors for students to get hands on experience on the sculpting process.

More than a year in the making, campus was buzzing Tuesday about the new 7-feet-high bronze Chauncy Chanticleer statue that will stand tall at the entrance of the new TD Sports Complex.

"Everyone's asking about it, everyone's trying to peek around and see it," according to Alex Knox, Assistant Professor at CCU. Knox worked on molding and casting the sculpture with the man behind the design, Logan Woodle.

"It's meant to look slightly surreal, slightly menacing, slightly superior, but still be relatable," Woodle, who is also an Assistant Professor at CCU, said of his work. "So in that way, it's taking our current mascot and making it feel just a little bit powerful."

Students had the rare opportunity to experience the entire process of completing a sculpture, the many tedious layers of casting and finally the final product.

"They actually had hands in this, as the first public sculpture on campus," Knox said. "That's pretty exciting stuff. And they should, I know they feel very honored to be a part of that"

"We're not just doing theoretical learning, we're doing practical learning," Woodle added. "This is a major step towards that for our program."

Since CCU didn't commission the project to an outside party, it's boosting the sculpting program.

"We now have equipment to be able to teach classes that are focused around casting, mold-making, public sculpture, and the business aspect of that as well," Knox continued.

Woodle and Knox believe in time, the project will play a role in the culture of the Grand Strand area.

"Art and culture are a key to making a community feel livable, feel prosperous, feel homey," Woodle explained. "It's also going to open up relationships where other areas- Myrtle Beach, Conway start to see what the students are capable of. And its our hope that this builds a public art presence that spreads slowly throughout the community."

Knox says campus officials want the new Chauncey to be the staple of CCU's campus, the one thing people have to stop at and take a picture with if they're visiting or even students.

It will be unveiled Friday at 4 right here in front of the TD Sports Complex.

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