North Myrtle Beach begins road repaving project

North Myrtle Beach begins road repaving project

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - North Myrtle Beach’s road repaving project, that was postponed in late September, begins Monday

The project is part of the City's annual roads maintenance program. Starting Monday, the contractor will pave 60th Avenue North, 58th Avenue North, 57th Avenue North, 54th Avenue North, and Nixon Street. During the next phase of the project, the contractor will begin paving 34th Avenue North and Ameron Court. Following completion of that work, the contractor will pave 6th Avenue South, Havens Drive, 14th Avenue South, and Possum Trot Road. City leaders say they're fine with contractors postponing the start of the project for now, but it needs to be finished by Easter.

“The rains came, more rain is predicted,” said Pat Dowling, Public Information Officer for the City of North Myrtle Beach. “All of the contractors, not only the ones we hire, but whoever hires a contractor to do roads or anything of a public works nature, also have other jobs that they are trying to fit in to the same window period. And they are backed up. We’re okay with them starting October 12, as long as they finish the project prior to the next tourist season.”

There will be two more phases of the project totaling in six roads in the Cherry Grove area. $440,000 of the total $820,000 project cost will be contributed by the Horry County Transportation Committee and $380,000 by the City of North Myrtle Beach. Dowling said that if the Horry County transportation committee gets more funds, then they will ask for more roads to be repaved.

Every couple of years, to determine what roads go first, they rank every road, with the worst being at the top of the list.  Some North Myrtle Beach residents are excited the see the roads paved. Of course they understand there will be the annoyance of construction, but they know the outcome will be worth it. Frances Thomas lives on one of the roads in the repaving project. She said her driveway is higher that everyone else’s on the street. She’s hoping the paving will make it easier to pull in and back out her driveway. But she says the roads had gotten pretty bad.

“I don’t know how long it’s been since the road’s been paved, but there’s bad places in the road, and there’s some potholes,” said Thomas. “Even starting up there off of Nixon Street. So the road does really need paving.”

Thomas lives on 54th street, one of the five streets that will be a part of the first phase of the North Myrtle Beach repaving project, and is also a victim on frequent flooding. But the repaving project will not help that, because of the geography of Cherry Grove being at or below sea level.

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