King Tide brings waters inland, impacting homes and shorelines

King Tide brings waters inland, impacting homes and shorelines

Cherry Grove, SC - The clean up will continue Tuesday morning Cherry Grove and along many of our coastal towns after a combination of a higher than normal tide with the super moon brought flooding to area roads.

Each time the water has gone back out, it's left behind quite a bit of debris and prompting residents to tie down their belongings.

"I've got my lawn mower up on four by tools and gas can up off the floor," Mitch Grant said."So everything's a mess, but it's going to stay dry."

Grant works to beat the clock to the next high tide that hit the Cherry Grove area just before 9 p.m.

"When it comes comes over pretty fast," Grant said. "We're in a flood zone so its hardly a surprise to us and there was plenty of warning for us to be prepared...It's more of a nuisance than a catastrophe."

Most residents say the damage has been minimal, but plenty of debris was left behind. The tide also took sand along with it, leaving erosion behind. The most apparent areas were on the beach side where chunks of sand were taken from the dunes near the Cherry Grove pier.

Most residents are staying optimistic, just waiting for morning light to see what's left behind.

"I think it will be alright," Luke Sharp said. "I don't think the house is going to wash away or anything."

"I told the neighbors that when this dries off we'll take everything to the dump and get rid of the trash," Grant added.

The water receded from the peak of high tide around 11 p.m., and the worst of it was likely seen Sunday night when the supermoon was at its highest.

From here on out the tide should gradually go down and be back to normal later this week.

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