Police update: Two 15-year-old burglars arrested, 71-year-old man in critical condition after Little River shooting

Police update: Two 15-year-old burglars arrested, 71-year-old man in critical condition after Little River shooting

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - People walked into a home in Little River Sunday to find the house had been burglarized and the suspects who police think did it were still on the property, according to a police report from the Horry County Police Department.

A woman and a her 71-year-old male friend visiting from Virginia walked into the garage of the house on Pine Drive around 1 p.m. The woman noticed a tin of coins in the garage that was usually kept in a locked freezer. She went into the house to find a cup, which she said did not belong to her, with liquid in it sitting on a side table in the hall, medication missing from a kitchen cabinet and a .38-five-caliber revolver missing from her bedroom, the police report said.

While the woman was inside, the man was outside the house where he found the burglars hiding in a corner. That's when police said one of the burglars shot him. HCPD Lt. Raul Denis said the man is still in critical condition.

It is unknown right now whether or not the gun stolen from the bedroom was the one used to shoot the man, Lt. Denis said.

Witnesses heard the gunshots and actually saw two people run down the street in dark-colored clothing.

According to police, detectives were immediately dispatched to investigate. They identified and detained the two 15-year-old suspects. They were found in a home on Pine Drive, Lt. Denis said.

The two teenagers have been charged with attempted murder and first-degree burglary as juveniles, Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said. He said that juvenile status could potentially change with a hearing that would be scheduled in the future, although he's not yet sure what his office will request from the judge.

A juvenile can only be held on a sentence until the age of 21, Richardson said. As an adult, first-degree burglary holds up to a life sentence, while attempted murder could carry up to 20 years, he said.

People who live along Pine Drive now plan to form a neighborhood crime watch group.

"I know these people on this street, they're not going to tolerate what happened yesterday," said Fred Morris Jr. "Your home is your castle and you protect your castle. Nobody likes to arrive home and you have burglars in your house. Whatever it takes to stop that, we're in favor of it."

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