The King Tide rolls in

The King Tide rolls in

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Many of you have probably heard of the phrase King tide that has been thrown around lately. Well, the King tide isn't an official scientific term. It's more so a term to distinguish when a high tide is going to be abnormally high.

Tides are affected by the gravitational pull and push of the Moon and Sun. Since the Earth's orbit and the Moon's orbit are not completely circular there are times when the moon is closer to Earth than normal. We are closing in on a super moon moving across our sky. Another term that many most likely do not know the meaning to. A super moon is when a full moon coincides with a time when the moons orbit brings it close to Earth.

Since the Moon has a major effect on how our tides fluctuate, we can attribute this King's tide to the super moon that we are expecting. When the moon is full we see abnormally high tides so when the moon is full and closer to Earth we can an even more unusual high tide. Which is what is occurring now.

Tides are also impacted by local weather both small and large scale.

We've had multiple Coastal Flood Advisories sent out from the National Weather Service due to the extra high, high tides and the moon isn't even at its fullest yet.  The moon will become full on September 28th - this Monday. Which mean we can expect higher than normal high tides through the middle of next week.

If you live in one of these coastal flood prone areas such as; Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, Cherry Grove and Garden City you need to be on alert over the next few days. Remember that salt water is very bad for your car and any type of water is bad if it enters into the tailpipe.

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