Condemned building in Surfside due for demolition

Condemned building in Surfside due for demolition

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A three acre piece of property in Surfside Beach is up for demolition. This dilapidated building has been vacant for some time, and now a private contractor has bought the land and plans to demolish it.

Mayor of Surfside, Doug Samples says, "I've heard from a number of business people over the years that it was hurting their business, just based on the looks and disrepair." He also adds, "It's commercial zoning there. It's an opportunity waiting for somebody to take advantage of."

Business owners around the area are ready for the vacant lot to be gone. Richard Worley, the owner of Wild West across the street says, "Anytime we have an empty building, it takes away from the business aspect of the community. A rundown building I'd like to see something updated to give us more of an uplift to make things more viable business wise."

The demolition of this building will not only improve businesses like Wild West and more in the area, but also the overall appearance of Surfside Beach.

Worley says, "Surfside beach is known as a family beach, we have a lot of families that come down and rent condos in this market, so I'd like to see some type of business that is more oriented toward the family aspect."

The run-down building is what people see right when they drive into Surfside Beach. City leaders say that the competitive part of business for the town is all along Highway 17, and that is why demolishing this building is so vital.

Because of the old age of the building, the demolition will have to wait until after any asbestos that may be in the building is safely removed.

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