Community voter registration drive this weekend

Community voter registration drive this weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, SC  (WMBF) - County and city elections are drawing near and local churches, community organizations are stepping up their efforts to try and get a better voter turnout.

HOPE Church of Myrtle Beach, Palmetto Missionary Baptist Church, Cedar Branch Missionary Baptist Church, NAACP of Myrtle Beach, Mothers Against Violence, and the Carolina African American Foundation are just a few of the sponsors of the weekend voter registration drive.

The effort is to get as many people registered to vote or update their information.

Anyone that needs assistance getting registered to vote is encouraged to stop by Sam's Unisex Barbershop/Salon at 912 Highway 501 Unit B on Saturday, September 26, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Joseph Washington, Pastor of HOPE Church and organizer of the drive said, "Over a 125 million people are unregistered to vote, which is roughly
57% of our population,  and most of them are millennials, Asian, unmarried woman, Latinos and African Americans."

Across the nation this week millions celebrated National Voter Registration Day on September 22,  a nationwide effort to register voters before upcoming elections.

"Our vote matters, as Americans we can't complain if we don't vote and we need to vote to be able to elect people that represent us," stated Washington.

Washington said there are many young people and minorities that are not exercising their basic right to vote and he believes that is because they have not been educated about the importance of voting.

"By large people don't think their vote matters and then they see our elected officials sometimes acting uncharacteristically.  I think there is a lot of apathy, and we have failed to teach young people in particular the road to voting. We have failed to teach them that African Americans, women, and Latinos have not always had the right to vote," stated Washington.

Washington also added that voting is the equal opportunity of American democracy, everybody has one vote and a vote makes a difference.

If you would like to volunteer or need more information about the weekend voter registration drive contact Joseph Washington at:

To register online, click here.

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