Bride-to-be loses home to fire, puts money for dress toward clothes, shelter

Bride-to-be loses home to fire, puts money for dress toward clothes, shelter

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - It was around 4:50 a.m. Friday when Elizabeth Eaddy was woken up by her mother shouting there was a fire, and to get out of the house they share with Eaddy's fiance, child, and two siblings.

"She came in the room and told us to get out, there was a fire," Eaddy explained. "And I just grabbed my baby and we just ran."

Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue crews arrived shortly after at the home on Racepath Street, and found flames shooting from the front door. For several hours Friday morning, first-responders worked to extinguish any remaining flames from the home.

As the sun came up, the reality of what could have happened set in. "The fire went towards the back. Towards my room. If it wasn't for my mom, telling us it was a fire, I don't think I would have been here. Nor my son and my fiance."

Firefighters determined the blaze started in a front bedroom. They are still working to determine a cause. Battling the heavy rain that kept falling, drenching the men and women, and slowing them up, there were few things firefighters were able to salvage.

"Nothing at all," Eaddy said of what she was able to save. "We don't have nowhere to go, no clothes. We don't have anything."

Eaddy's wedding date is set for November 1. She said she is praying that everything will be alright. "We don't have nothing to eat right now. Nothing. Family members, they said we could come there. My uncle, he said we could come to his house. Everybody they, a lot of people trying to help. I just pray God that we have more help."

As she says goodbye to the home she has lived in her entire life, her priorities have shifted. What was supposed to be one of the happiest days is clouded with loss, but she sees the silver lining.

"I was supposed to bought the wedding dress today. I think a shelter and more clothes on my back is way more important than a wedding dress. I could put on anything and say I do, honestly. As long as I say I do I'll be happy. Clothes, food, a shelter. The main things I'm worried about. That's the important things that we need."

The American Red Cross stated that they will be assisting the family

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