Separated twin girls celebrate first birthday

Separated twin girls celebrate first birthday

COLUMBUS, OH (WMBF) – The Ugandan twin girls who were born conjoined and successfully separated on September 3 at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, celebrated their first birthday on Wednesday, according to a news release from Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Acen and Apio both need to have one more surgery to remove their colostomies, which they have had since just after birth.

The girls were born joined at the pelvic and hip region and could not even see each other's faces until after the procedure.

The 16-hour operation was performed by a surgical team of more than 30 experts, which included specialists from pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, colorectal surgery, nursing and anesthesiologists, the release states.

It is not known how long Acen and Apio will stay at the hospital but the release states the girls are happy to see one another as they heal.

Conjoined twins occur in about one in every 200,000 pregnancies.

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