Woman bit by copperhead snake while cleaning her pool

Woman bit by copperhead snake while cleaning her pool
Source: Katrina Lilly
Source: Katrina Lilly

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A woman spent the night in the ICU after she was bitten by a copperhead snake in her backyard.

Cindy Warren was cleaning her pool's skimmer when she was bit.  Warren said she didn't even see the snake. She was able to lift up the lid, pull out the basket, but it wasn't until she put the basket back in, when the snake bit her.

"It was a burning sensation, It was…I knew something had bit me, and it was burning really bad," Warren explained.

After Warren was bit, she didn't know what bit her. She says she ran to her neighbor's house for help and when they returned to see what exactly bit her, they saw the snake.

Doctors say the burning sensation Cindy Warren was feeling was the venom from the copperhead snake's fangs. The three-foot snake was coiled in the pools skimmer, hidden beyond the leaf basket.

Cindy says she heard the skimmer making a loud gargling noise, as if there wasn't enough water in the pool and when she went to check the second skimmer, she was bit.

Each of the snake's fangs, went into two of Cindy's fingers. It wasn't long before Cindy's hand started to swell. Cindy was rushed to the hospital and spent the night in the ICU, where she was given an anti-venom, and watched throughout the night.

"It just kept on getting bigger and moving up my arm. They kept marking how fast it was swelling, and how far it was going up and proceeding up my arm," Warren said.

Pictures show where doctors marked and measured as the swelling traveled up her arm. Now released, Cindy can only be thankful it wasn't worse.

"Well when they said copperhead, I was really worried of how bad things were going to go for me," Warren said.

Now Cindy's swelling will be going down over the next five to seven days but she's going to be more cautious when it comes to cleaning the pool, and recommends everyone else do the same.

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