Horry Telephone Cooperative customers receiving scam surveys

Horry Telephone Cooperative customers receiving scam surveys

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. has reported customers have been receiving survey scams. One person even saw a $100 charge.

According to their post on social media, "We are still hearing from customers about pop-up survey offering a free gift in exchange for rating HTC services. This is a scam. After taking the survey, users are directed to choose their gift and then enter their credit card number for shipping expenses. One victim saw a $100 charge soon after! The person was able to correct the charge with the credit card company, but the scammers are hoping the next person won't follow up. It is not a practice of ours to deploy pop-up windows on other websites and HTC does not ask for personal information or account verification via email or pop-ups. Anytime you are asked to provide credit card information, treat it as a red flag! If your see this pop-up, please close-out and don't respond in any way. Protect yourself online. The scammers will be busy. Do not click on anything that looks suspicious."

HTC says pop-up scams are unfortunately an ongoing, common occurrence and are not unique to any particular internet service provider.

Customers will continued to be warned about a pop-up survey scam through HTC Facebook posts, newsletters articles, and more but wants customers to be cautious and not confuse the scam surveys with legitimate ones that are intended to help measure satisfaction and other questions.

HTC advises customers not to give any personal information over the internet or telephone that may jeopardize the security of your personal identity.

Customers are advised to not be deceived by pop-up screens that are disguised as a warning or by a warning message directing them to call immediate assistance because HTC is not associated with either of these.

HTC says the Advanced Product Support team can help customers if they have any questions about the legitimacy of the request for information or payment.

The HTC Tech Connect Team can be reached at (843)-369-8990.

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