Reverend Jesse Jackson visits Myrtle Beach to announce opening of Rainbow Push offices

Reverend Jesse Jackson visits Myrtle Beach to announce opening of Rainbow Push offices

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  Reverend Jesse Jackson made a stop in Myrtle Beach to speak with the South Carolina Lawyer's Association. Jackson said his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition plans to expand offices to all parts of South Carolina to encourage voter registration within the state.

On Friday, Jackson spoke to the members of the South Carolina Black Lawyers Association, at the Kingston Plantation Resort in Myrtle Beach.

Jackson spoke about how his organization wants to help the citizens of South Carolina fight to expand Medicaid in the state, make higher education more affordable and provide better wage jobs.

"There are 1 million citizens in this state in poverty, 250,000 have no health insurance slightly more whites than blacks but when it's dark we all look just alike," said Jackson.

Jackson said his plan to help citizens here in Horry County and locally include expanding his offices from Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville.

The first plan of action will be to get individuals registered to vote in South Carolina. The organization will start a push to get 100,000 South Carolinians registered to vote by spring 2016.

"Last election in this state 400,000 did not vote, 300,000 were eligible but they were not registered," said Jackson. He said racial fear should not separate people from equal access and opportunity.

Jackson said citizens that need affordable healthcare and students that want lower tuition need to speak out.

"High school students should register to get more scholarships, college students should register to bring tuition down, workers should register to get equal pay to their jobs and adequate pay on their jobs, and the sick should register because of Medicaid, so there is a reason to vote and no reason not to vote," stated Jackson.

Jackson said the Rainbow/PUSH coalition office expansion is interested in opening outlets in Aiken, Sumter, Beaufort and Florence. Jackson said the organization plans to be in Horry County. "We intend to have a presence here because this is a low part of the state where there are people that feel a sense of isolation. We're establishing offices beyond Greenville, Columbia and Charleston virtually in every county in the state we intend to have a presence," Jackson explained.

Jackson was also scheduled to address the South Carolina Dental Hygiene Association on Friday afternoon. He said he planned to talk about affordable dental care for the poor.

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