Trump supporters host watch party for debate

Trump supporters host watch party for debate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) On Wednesday night, Donald Trumps campaign held three different watch parties in South Carolina, and one was in Myrtle Beach.

The organizers say Trump himself even gave the thumbs up for making people feel at home while watching the debate.

For a debate watch party that was first planned as small and intimate, everything changed because of one candidate.

"It was supposed to be ten friends. laughed homeowner Bill Garofalo. My wife was like, what happened to ten friends?"

Wednesday night, nearly one hundred people packed into a home, to check out the GOP debate, and pay even more attention to what Donald Trump had to say.

You hear a lot of people, 'oh he's bombastic, he's rude,' and all this, explained Garofalo. He can be, but get past that because just because he speaks like he speaks, does not mean that he cannot do a good job."

Between each jab and counterpoint, dozens of his Myrtle Beach supporters reveled in the spectacle.

"It's almost a Trump show, and I think a lot of the politicians that are there don't know how to handle someone like him or someone of his character, said John Cassidy.

They say that's what they love about the candidate though, and believe real change could come after all the fun and games.

"He says it, I believe it, I'm standing for it 100 percent, said Garofalo.

This was the second debate watch party endorsed by Trump's local campaign workers, but it was the first by the statewide campaign.

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