Chef Jeff revs up day two at Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson and Peaches Corner

Chef Jeff revs up day two at Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson and Peaches Corner

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Chef Jeff is in Myrtle Beach for the second day filming, Flip My Food. The stops on his food tour on Tuesday are Peaches Corner and Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson.

Peaches Corner has been known as a cornerstone, which is located in the heart of Myrtle Beach. It's also one of the oldest restaurants in the area, getting its start in 1937.

Ever wonder where it got its name? The Peaches family are the ones who started the business in this very spot. In 1943, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Burroughs bought the property, and it's still in the family today.

Not only is Peaches a family run restaurant, but not much has changed about the eatery since it opened decades ago, which is what the operator, Briggs Dickerson, says keeps it thriving, and why he thinks Chef Jeff chose to film Flip My Food here in the first place.

"Talking with families that visit us annually and sometimes even more than that, they talk about traditions," Dickerson said. "Seeing multiple generations, of families come in, that's what makes Peaches so special."

Chef Jeff got a chance to try the foot long hot dog dish they have been serving since day one, except he cooked up their new version, "The Bruiser," which is a bacon wrapped deep fried hot dog.

The Flip My Food crew may be leaving Myrtle Beach with full stomachs, but they're leaving behind a lasting impression.

"I really thought about how it would affect the area, and what we need downtown and the direction we're trying to go downtown," Dickerson said. "I really think this will really benefit us."

Employees at another area attraction, Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson, feel the exact same way.

"For us it's exposure to all our out-of-towners," Marketing Manager Sheri Gibson said. "To have him here and have the community involved with us and here to promote the Grand Strand is a huge asset."

Chef Jeff chose to come to Harley Davidson because he's a motorcycle lover and a Harley collector.

Since there isn't a restaurant at Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson, Chef Jeff brought along his mobile kitchen.

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