Hit-and-runs are up in two Pee Dee counties

Bicyclist transported to hospital after hit-and-run in Darlington
FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - The number of hit-and-runs are up in Darlington and Florence counties.
In some of those cases, serious injuries and deaths have occurred. Also, some of those drivers were never found or charged.
Police said the bicyclist who was hit Saturday morning in Darlington, is now out of I.C.U. and the driver responsible for those injuries is still on the loose.
Investigators said the bicyclist was riding along Washington Street when the accident happened.
WMBF News did some digging and found the cities of Florence and Darlington have seen more hit-and-runs this year compared to last.
Lt. Kim Nelson of the Darlington Police Department said the bicyclist had on reflective gear and lights.
Police said that still did not stop a white Honda with tinted windows from seriously injuring a man on Saturday morning along Washington Street.
"It has front-end damage. We are asking the public if you have seen anyone recently that got their vehicle repaired like a windshield or head light…call law enforcement," Lieutenant Kim Nelson said.
While Darlington Police are looking for their suspect, police in the City of Florence are also looking for the person responsible in a hit-and-run on Harmony Street. It took place back on September 4.
In this case, police said a victim was taken to the hospital with injuries after being struck. Right now, a suspect or vehicle description has not been released in this case.
"Because it is an ongoing investigation we limiting the information that goes out about it to ensure the integrity of the case," Lieutenant Mike Brandt with Florence Police said.
Lt. Brandt said there have been more hit-and-runs this year compared to last year in the city of Florence. They include vehicles striking pedestrians, other vehicles and buildings.
"Seems to be a slight rise in overall hit-and-run accidents this year as opposed to the last two years,” Lt. Brandt said.

Numbers provided by the City of Florence Police break out like this: In 2013 and 2014 there were 59 each year, and already this year there have been 80.

Darlington Police said last year they had none and this year they have had two.

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