Chef Jeff of Flip My Food tours Mr. Fish and Collector's Cafe

Chef Jeff of Flip My Food tours Mr. Fish and Collector's Cafe

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Flip My Food is in town, cooking-up creations at some of the Grand Strand's most unique restaurants.

"You've got great resorts, great restaurants, and fresh seafood, in one of the most friendliest places that I've been in this country," Flip My Food's Chef Jeff said.

Jeff Henderson, also known as "Chef Jeff." is is a food flipper. He travels the U.S., to restaurants, conventions, food fairs and he even heads to homes.

After getting to know Chef Jeff, he's got quite a story of his own.

"I made a lot of poor choices as a young kid growing up and served a little time and found food while I was away and it changed my life."

He said he started as a dishwasher, worked hard, and became the master chef he is today.

"I found my gift, my gift was cooking, my gift was speaking and my gift was paying it forward trying to help other people get on the right path to life," Henderson said.

The purpose of Flip My Food is not just inspire you in the kitchen, but also to show you in any situation, when you mix together the right ingredients, you can end up with a masterpiece.

"I use cooking as a metaphor to help young people find the right ingredients for changing their lives as well - I'm like a cooking mission chef."

Chef Jeff visits Mr. Fish

The first stop on Chef Jeff's trip to to the Grand Strand is Mr. Fish.

Mr. Fish has been at the beach much longer than this location, he got his start in the 80s at a fish market next to city hall.

If you've been to Mr. Fish you know, you can sit for a meal, a drink, or take a few steps next door, and head to the fish market. That's what the owner, Ted Hammerman, also known as Mr. Fish, says is most unique about the location.

Chef Jeff got a chance to cut, cook and taste it all today while filming Flip My Food.

He said he decided to check out Mr. Fish after he first learned of the restaurant on the road when the Fish-mobile drove by.

"You've got a couple of beers in you, you don't wanna drive, but you are feeling fishy, so you call the fish-mobile," Hammerman said.

The best part is, if you live close to the restaurant, a ride on the fish-mobile is free.

Chef Jeff visits Collector's Cafe

Collector's Cafe is an art gallery, a coffee house and they have tons of amazing food.

When you walk in the restaurant, you get greeted by a coffee bar, and a dessert display with cakes, bread pudding, cheesecake, and more.

According to the owner, Mike Smith, Collector's Cafe is the largest art Gallery in Myrtle Beach. He also said it has over 120 bottles of wine.

"It's great meeting Chef Jeff, he's a great guy," Smith said. "Just having some excitement come to Myrtle Beach, some national scene, is pretty neat."

Chef Jeff will continue his tour of Myrtle Beach, Tuesday, at Peaches Corner and Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson. Tune into WMBF News at 4 and 7 to learn more.

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