Weather balloon found 2 years later with video of Earth from 98,000 feet up

Weather balloon found 2 years later with video of Earth from 98,000 feet up

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A group of friends looking to get raw footage of Earth from the perspective of a weather balloon launch succeeded but they didn't know they succeeded until two years later.

The description of the incredible video states "In June 2013, a group of friends launched a weather balloon a few miles from Tuba City, Arizona. Enjoy the video of our launch preparations, video footage, and some data analysis of the flight."

According to Bryan Chan who posted the video online, they used a "GoPro Hero3, Sony Camcorder, Samsung Galaxy Note II phone. The GoPro and camcorder were recording video footage, while the phone was taking still images." All the electronics were secured in a insulated and tempered box. The video captures raw footage of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, the Stratosphere and much more as it ascends over 98,000 feet into the air! As the balloon rose up and drifted off, it was able to capture that amazing video the friends were looking for. With the knowledge that the balloon would burst and then fall in a different location, they relied on the cell phones cell service and GPS to be able to locate the device once it landed back on the ground.

Unfortunately, where the box landed, there wasn't any cell service so they weren't able to locate the device. By a twist of ironic fate, a woman was on a hike an located the box (50 miles from the original launch site) and brought it back to her cell phone carrier and they were able to use the sim card to locate the owner of the cell phone a mere TWO YEARS LATER.

While the group of friends were hoping to get the footage a few hours after launch, the two year wait proved to be well worth it.

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