Local man pays unique tribute to 9/11 victims year after year

Local man pays unique tribute to 9/11 victims year after year

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) For the seventh straight year, an Horry County man spent his September 11th paying tribute in his own unique way.

As life seems to move a million miles an hour... sometimes there's no time to look back. One day every year, a man with a flag makes you do just that.

It renews my faith in America, He said. It kind of heals everybody."

Seven years ago, this man decided to take his flag to this bridge on International Drive over Highway 31. He says he wanted to spend just a few hours paying respect to those lost.

"The response was great, He said. People honking their horns and waving, and taking part in it. It's turned into a full day event."

Now seven years later, you'll find him in the exact same place from dusk until dawn. His flag is always in hand and heart is always on his sleeve.  

"It fires you up all day, he said while smiling. It gets the blood boiling. It makes you proud to be here."

As each car passes by he gets his own kind of salute back in waves. Sometimes, people even drop by for a more personal thank you.
Many even drop off water, Gatorade, and other beverages.

"The only thing I brought was sunscreen today and everything else, folks have dropped by and made sure their taking care of you, He explained.

He says what means the most though, is when the people he thanks do the same back to him.

"Some of the greatest is when you get the World War II vets coming out, He said. They'll come up and shake your hand with a tear in the eye and it's goosebumps."

By now, you're probably wondering who this roadside patriot is. However, he has too much respect for those who gave their lives to focus on himself.
"It's not important. What's important is the message."
When asked if he will be back next year, the man nodded his head and said absolutely. 
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