Some Market Common businesses feeling overlooked

Some Market Common businesses feeling overlooked

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A strip of shops in the Market Common District say the bigger businesses are getting more attention, so they went to the city of Myrtle Beach, to get help with advertising.

According to City Spokesperson, Mark Kruea, the businesses located south of Howard Street in the Market Common District are not part of The Market Common.

Business owners expressed that they are often overlooked because people do not realize that there are other specialty shops pass The Market Common area.

Kelly Byers, owns the Little Shop of Flowers in the area, she says she was one of the first businesses to open, and for her location was important.

"I love the concept, I love the area, I love the fact that it was so close to the Market Common," she expressed. " I felt like any marketing that they did would bring people to this area."

The businesses refer to themselves as the SoHo District, which means South of Howard Street. Some business owners say their area is often misunderstood as being part of The Market Common.

"It's really difficult to get our name out there, people don't realize that the SoHo district even exist at this point, it has been here, it has been developed, but it has been forgotten," expressed Debbie Foiles, manager of Shelly's Sausage Shop.

Foiles said earlier this week a group of business owners held a meeting to discuss their concerns. Foiles said councilman Wayne Gray also attended the meeting to listen to their issues.

Peter Kalbacher, also a specialty shop owner, attended the meeting. One of the newest businesses in the SoHo area, Kalbacher owns Kalbacher & Lee, a clothing boutique shop.

"Our goal is to form an association which we are developing to get some good signage, flags up on the lighting poles, a little better parking scheme," said Kalbacher.

We're trying to ease the parking a little bit and people walking across the median so they do not get hurt," said Foiles. "It is more of a concern for the public."

Kalbacher said the area is growing and it is a very hot commodity right now, the businesses want to try to move along with the community to build it.

The city of Myrtle Beach said the business owners want to have more street directory signs, similar to the ones in the Market Common. The street signs would direct consumers to their shops. The group also talked about adding a possible loading zone, and handicapped parking.

The group said its not trying to fit in with The Market Common, it's about getting some advertising and marketing, so their businesses can thrive as well.

"It's the small businesses that will keep the economy going because there's lots of us and this is what is needed," said Kalbacher.

Foiles and Kalbacher both said the meeting held earlier this week with councilman Gray was very productive. Kruea said the requests made by the businesses are not that challenging but he said that it is items that would take time to get done. He also said the city will continue to work with the businesses to come up with a solution.

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