Surfside Beach Police explain golf cart ordinance

Surfside Beach Police explain golf cart ordinance
SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Just a day after Surfside Beach passed a new Golf Cart ordinance, the town's police department is explaining why it's in place.

We continue to have a lot of problems related to the golf carts, explained Lt. Kenneth Hofmann. We want to ensure the safety of the residents and the visitors who are operating golf carts."

Lt. Hofmann says all day, golf cart owners have come by with questions.
He says this new change is simpler than everyone thinks.

"From dark until dawn, anytime you would need to be operating headlights to be able to see, those golf carts are going to need to be off the road, Lt. Hofmann said.

He says the ordinance basically makes state law more enforceable.
It has always been illegal for golf carts to drive anywhere at night or go on major highways during the day, but until now, there were no consequences.
Now, if a driver is caught, police can fine them $50.That fine also applies to anyone driving golf carts underage or without a license.

"A lot of the accidents that we see related to golf carts, frequently will involve children behind the wheel of those, said Lt. Hofmann.

The department says so far, the majority of drivers support the change

"I think that it's really looking out for anyone's safety, said Tammy Elkins.

Few have opposed the change, but the department says even fewer do, when they learn what it's all about.

"They need to take control, said Elkins. If you're going to have rules, and if you're going to enforce them, you've got to be able to really enforce the, and the only way to enforce them is to be able to affect their pocketbook by giving someone a ticket."

The department says simply reading the ordinance will answer a lot of your questions.
Click the link below to read the ordinance:

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