Coastal Protective Services facing lawsuit after 4 months pass without paying employees

Coastal Protective Services facing lawsuit after 4 months pass without paying employees

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – After four months of waiting for pay, one local security guard is taking Coastal Protective Services to court.

Time sheets showing all of the unpaid officers, checks that bounced, and text messages from the security company's owners, all part of what the past four months have been like for Alex Albani. Albani thought the job was the start of something great, and a job he'd have for years to come.

"I thought I had a steady job.. it's.. it's hard when you think something's there and it's not and they promise you things that obviously they can't uphold. It's a struggle," Albani explained.

20-year-old Alex Albani worked 12 hour shifts through Harley Week and Bike Fest. Only to find out, he'd never be paid for his work.

"A lot of excuses were made, and I received almost a text every day saying something," he explained.

Albani still has more than a dozen texts from the month of June. The initial text he received blamed the company's bank and went on to ask employees to have patience during what the company called a "restructure phase" but Albani says the same excuses just kept coming.

"That the bank was waiting to clear the pay roll, or that they didn't receive pay from the customers," Albani said.

Finally Albani did revive a check but soon found out, it was too good to be true.

"…which was late obviously too, bounced. So I had to go there and confront them, and they gave me cash," he said.

He says CPS paid him about $150, still owing him more than %500. Then Albani received a text saying the checks would be ready at 2 p.m. another day, only to show up and find out the money was given to newer employees instead. Albani is trying to move forward, but the company is also holding his security license.

"They said I can't use it at a different location, and I verified with SLED that you can," Albani explained.

As much as he wants to be paid, after hearing so many excuses he also wants the truth. Not only for himself but for everyone else in the same situation.  Until then, he has advice for anyone else looking to start their career in law enforcement.

"Just know not to go there, know not to start there," he added.

Last WMBF News spoke to the company's CEO, he said he was working to pay several former employees. Both of the former employees WMBF News spoke with, still have not been compensated.

Albani filed with the county magistrate on August 24th and he's waiting to hear back for a court date. The court says CPS was served papers on August 28th and has until September 28th to either pay the money, or set a day in court.  WMBF News reached out to the company and did not hear back.

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