MBPD receives grant for upgraded security system

MBPD receives grant for upgraded security system

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A federal gr ant is giving the Myrtle Beach Police Department the means to upgrade its security system.

Evidence, police sources, equipment and things containing confidential information live behind the internal doors of the police department, and the new security upgrade will be another layer to security measures already in place to keep those items secure.

The police department received a $33,67 gr ant to upgrade from a keypad system, to what's called radio frequency identification locks- or RFID.

This means instead of entering a manual code, a swipe with something like a key card will open the interior doors of the department and register who just went inside.

And, it's for all police facilities not just the department on Oak Street.

Police say the upgrade make the department safer.

When officers work to get information, they need to know it's secured, and this will help them do that.

The gr ant was recently approved so the department is evaluating when to install the new system.

To be clear, it isn't the only line of defense the department has for keeping sensitive information or evidence safe, it's just the next step.

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