Darlington Police: 18 arrests made, 49 citations issued during race week

Darlington Police: 18 arrests made, 49 citations issued during race week

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) – Last week a total of 18 arrests were made and 49 citations were issued during race week, according to the Darlington Police Department Facebook page.

"It was a busy week with honestly very few real problems," Chief Watson said.

Chief Watson says 15 of the arrests involved local residents and the remaining three involved people from out of the area.

According to the DPD Facebook page, the reasons for the arrests are as follows:

  • Three for outstanding warrants
  • Three for drug charges
  • Three for driving offenses
  • Nine for misdemeanor offenses such as drunken condition and disorderly conduct

Overindulgence in alcohol comprised 50 percent of the arrests, the Facebook page states.

"Everyone that came to our jurisdiction left here safely," Chief Watson stated. "Our officers who logged countless hours directing traffic for parades and answering calls for service did an excellent job."

In addition to the 49 citations, numerous warnings were also issued.

Chief Watson says when you consider the amount of traffic that was here, this is actually a very low number because it's about one ticket for every two hours of patrol time.

"Both our major events this year went off without a hitch thanks in no small part to the cooperation of state and local agencies working together to keep it that way," Chief Watson said.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol, the Hartsville Police Department, Darlington County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, South Carolina Probation, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Emergency Medical Services, the Darlington Fire Department, the Darlington County Fire Department and many other agencies worked hard to make the event possible.

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