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New Restaurant 'The Chemist,' to open in Myrtle Beach

The Chemist The Chemist
Inside of The Chemist Inside of The Chemist
The Edge Restaurant The Edge Restaurant
Restaurant at Bali Bay Restaurant at Bali Bay

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Tourist season may be winding town, but that means business development in Myrtle Beach, will be picking up.

A new restaurant, “The Chemist,” is gearing up to open at 9th Avenue North, near the Old Pavilion area.

Think of a mad scientist meets modern cuisine and craft cocktails. "The Chemist," will also have 16 Craft Beers on tap.

According to the owner, this restaurant concept new to Myrtle Beach, and the East Coast.

From the design, to the way they cook the food, the experience at The Chemist will be formulated around its name.

Bond’s wife and partner Fabiana helped him come up with the idea of a science lab restaurant. According to Bond, the Executive Chef, Sean Thomas, is passionate about cooking with uncommon techniques, and taught him how to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen. This is a concept common at Bond's first restaurant, Art Burger Sushi Bar which is just a block away from The Chemist.

This summer, The Chemist, was the home to a bar called "Carolina Country," which opened for the Carolina Country Music Festival. The owner of the festival sold it, for the Chemist to open, but said he will be working with this new restaurant when the festival comes back into town next summer.

Bond said his customers told him they want more options for unique dining, without having to drive to Charleston, which is why he's opening The Chemist, on September 15.

"We do it in the fall because we're doing these restaurants for locals first,” Bond said. “Myrtle Beach is such a beautiful place and there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to have the same foodie atmosphere that you see at like Charleston and some of the bigger cities."

This is one of many restaurants he plans to open in Myrtle Beach.

"Our goal is that every September or October we'll open up another concept,” Bond said. “Normally in a seasonal market you have to let your employees go at the end of the season, we thought if we open a new restaurant, we can take those employees that we have to let go of and bring them to our next location."

That next location in the works is a restaurant called, "The Edge." It's at Bali Bay Resort on 7th Avenue South and Ocean.

Bond described it as a place you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering prime steaks and seafood, at affordable prices, that locals can enjoy.

Another existing Grand Strand Business owner looking to expand to Myrtle Beach, is the Wicked Tuna, of Murrells Inlet. A three-story restaurant, Wicked Tuna II, is planned next to Lulu's Cafe.

The owner of Boardwalk Coffee Shop Rick Sarver said, this provides more options, for a wide range of people.

"People are always looking for something new, exciting to do, and I really think it’s gonna attract people down here,” Sarver said.

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