Myrtle Beach area transgender woman wins court case against her parents for gender confirmation surgery

Myrtle Beach area transgender woman wins court case against her parents for gender confirmation surgery
Elisabeth Larson
Elisabeth Larson

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach area transgender woman faces her own parents in court over a gender confirmation surgery. Despite her parents plea against it, a Pennsylvania area judge gave her the OK to move forward with the procedure.

Wednesday,  48-year-old Christine Kitzler, formerly known as Christopher Kitzler was given the OK from a Philadelphia area judge to go ahead with her surgery Thursday. A decision her fellow friends and supporters in Myrtle Beach's transgender community, are thankful for.

Realizing gender confirmation surgery may not be the "norm" according to some, in the transgender community, it could be the difference between life and death.

"You know people have their ideas of how to fix us but this is not something that's fixable. This is very real," Elisabeth Larson said.

Elisabeth Larson, was in the same support group as Kitzler. Meeting her two years ago, she knows life hasn't been easy for her. 

"She got to the point, you know her parents tried to stop her from doing this because of the things that have gone on in her life.  She's attempted suicide, she became an alcoholic.  She's had this go on, that go on," Larson explained.

After winning the case against her own parents Kitzler herself explained to reporters outside the court house, that she would never want to go back to the way her life was.

"…and return to my bad addictions you know alcohol, like I can't do it. Like I both can't do it and I won't do it. I've explored the freedom of being true to who I am," Kitzler explained.

Veronica Walters, is also a part of the transgender community and a close friend to Christine, and believes this surgery, will turn life around for her.

"For the last two years I would say, it's been the main thing on her mind and her goal," Walters said.

Members of the transgender community can agree, not being able to live your life on the outside, the way you feel on the inside, is tormenting. Which is why they say doing whatever you can to be comfortable in your own skin, is so crucial.

"Transgender people are just people who are trying to live their lives as honestly as they can and to find happiness in life," Walters explained.

Both Larson and Walters hope the Kitzler's surgery not only goes well, but also that her story will be yet another story that could save a life, or make life easier for others down the road.

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