Fall brings many nuisance animals

Fall brings many nuisance animals

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The weather is not the only change you'll see as we head into Fall. One local nuisance wildlife expert says he has been busy responding to service calls for animals- like snakes- found inside and around homes.

Russell Cavender, is more commonly known around Horry County as The Snakechaser. He says as we begin to change seasons he will see more service calls for unwanted guests in people's homes.

"As we get past the summer solstice every day the sunlight gets less and less in the sky and this triggers instinct in these animals to prepare
themselves for the winter time," explained The Snakechaser.

After last week's downpours and minor flooding, The Snakechaser, says the calls were ramped up for people spotting snakes.

"Snakes will hold up in the dirt and soil and if they are sleeping in that area (where it is flooding) then there is a very good chance they will get flooded out and drowned and literally wash up in people's front yards."

According to The Snakechaser the most common snakes often found inside the home is a rat snake. "They get to be about 6 feet, they like to eat rats, but they will eat birds too, they will eat eggs, they'll eat lizards," The Snakechaser explained.

Snakes can easily make it into your home.  "You can open your door and walk in your door and a snake be at your threshold and you not know it, you step over it and it walks into the house with you. It happens all the time, people leaving the door open, bringing in groceries, so it is the most common way snakes get into people's home.

Snakes are not the only nuisance you could encounter this season. "Once you get past August into September, October, my Yellowjacket, wasp and hornet calls are a hundred times than I would get in the spring or summer and the reason is these hives grow really fast in the latter part of the year," said The Snakechaser.

He says your neighborhood is an ideal environment for some wildlife. Trash cans and pet food are easy meals.

"We're getting closer to fall and when we get closer to fall we get calls for every animal that there is, that you can consider nuisance wildlife. Snakes especially, this is the actually birth season of snakes so your populations increases dramatically as each one of these snakes are hatching or the live bearers are giving birth, " explained the Snakechaser. "Also (We get) a lot of bat calls. Bats are usually preparing to migrate this time of year."

He says the best way to keep the nuisance wildlife out of your home is check your home regularly.

"The most important thing is your structural part of your home. Check for leaks, holes in ceilings and walls. (You should) seal little tiny nooks and crannies," he said.

Keep your shrubs cleans and your grass cut as well.

If you want to inspect your home and not really sure what to look for, or maybe even afraid of what you could find, you can contact a professional like The Snakechaser to come out and inspect your home.

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