Bouncer speaks out after patron pulls gun on him

Bouncer speaks out after patron pulls gun on him

North Myrtle Beach, SC - The International Cafe in North Myrtle Beach is trying to get back to normal after an altercation turned into a scary situation.

A patron reportedly pulled a gun on one of the bouncers just before 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. From the bouncer's account, the man claimed he was ready to shoot everyone inside.

"I guess words escalate not to fist fights anymore but to gun fights," Greg McCourt, who helped disarm the patron, said. "That's not what we need in this world."

Fortunately things didn't get to that point. No bullets were fired and bouncers were able to wrestle the gun away from the man.

Christopher Turner was charged with presenting and pointing a gun. He posted $6,000 to bond out of jail later that day.

"When he pulled the gun on me, the first thing i could think was my whole life flashing in front of my head because I just heard him chamber a round," McCourt said.
In police reports, Turner's side of the story changed a few times.

He eventually admitted to getting the gun and pulling the slide back to put a round in the chamber, but he told police he couldn't remember pointing it at anyone.
Bouncers, who say they tackled turner to the ground, claim Turner did indeed point the gun at them directly, threatening to shoot.

"I knocked the gun down from in front of my face," McCourt said. "That's when the other employee...then grabbed the gun and wrestled for a good minute or two with the gun on the ground."

The incident doesn't seem to be keeping patrons away from one of their favorite spots.

"No, not at all," John Pettit said. "Anything could happen at any place, you just have to be aware of your surroundings."

Employees say for as long as they've worked there, some for more than a decade, that an incident like this has never happened at the International Cafe.

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