Market Common uses advertisement in MYR to target new visitors to Myrtle Beach Area

Market Common uses advertisement in MYR to target new visitors to Myrtle Beach Area

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Market Common is using an advertisement at the Myrtle Beach International Airport to bring in more visitors to learn what the area has to offer.

As soon as visitors step off the plane and make their way out of the gate, they notice a huge advertisement for The Market Common, and it's all in an effort to put the area on the map.

The advertisement, more than 6 feet tall, is a quick video display of all Market Common has to offer. Travelers fresh off the plane can't walk out of the airport without seeing it.  Despite the Market Common area being around for more than five years, the Marketing Coordinator for the Market Common, Katherine Taylor, says they are constantly working on visibility, because compared to other places in Myrtle Beach, Market Common is new.

Though there are more than ten different restaurants and dozens of shops to choose from, some visitors were walking around the area for the first time on Wednesday afternoon.  

"We really want to reach travelers right as they step off the plane in Myrtle Beach," Taylor said. "We want them to know that the Market Common is here, come try us out for the first time, and hopefully become a tradition for them, much like the other beloved establishments here in Myrtle Beach."

Before visitors reach baggage claim or ground transportation, they pass the advertisement. Taylor says though they've advertised in the airport before, this video advertisement is new.

"The placement in the airport is a new higher-visibility placement this year," Taylor explained. She explains visibility is something the marketing team is always working on.

"We're always looking for ways to increase our visibility in the market, we want people to know that we are here" Taylor said.

Though the Market Common caters to locals year round, Taylor hopes the constant effort to market the area will help visitors start to incorporate the Market Common into their vacation plans. "Compared to other establishments in Myrtle Beach, the Market Common is still fairly new," she said. "We want people to experience for the first time, and hopefully make it a tradition when they visit too for tourists."

Without giving away too much of their marketing strategy, the marketing team's goal is to not only bring in as many people as possible, but to make sure people have a great experience.

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