Meth lab components found at Myrtle Beach hotel, police say

Meth lab components found at Myrtle Beach hotel, police say

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Components of a meth lab were found at a hotel in Myrtle Beach Wednesday morning, police officials confirmed.

After a third party called police, officers responded to the Sea Gypsy Inn, located in the 300 block of North Ocean Boulevard, and found the components at about 8:15 a.m., according to Myrtle Beach Police Department spokesman Lt. Joey Crosby.

Officials are taking precautions to dispose of the meth lab components properly, Crosby said. While components were found, Crosby said that it was not a working meth lab.

Elbert Whitehead, manages another nearby hotel, he said he saw when the fire trucks arrived on scene.  It was about 11 a.m. when I came down,  because I was taking care some issues over here where I work, and I saw all the police cars and the fire trucks, and all of sudden another fire truck pulls up everybody getting out and their putting on the white hazmat suits."

Whitehead said many times the area gets perceived as a bad place. "We've got good people that live here, we've got good people that stay here.Sometimes because some of the buildings are not as attractive as some of the other properties, people tend to think its a bad place and its not," said Whitehead, who has lived near 4th Avenue North for 4 years.

MBPD has had people there all morning, but no arrests have been made, as of noon Wednesday.

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